ABOUTJohn HotelWelcome to Flushing JOHN HOTEL, feel our warm and friendly hospitality. It is very convenient to LaGuardia Airport and Kennedy International Airport. The hotel is surrounded by a large shopping mall and food court. You can walk to the New York Citi Stadium USTA National Tennis Center to watch exciting games. Take a leisurely stroll in the Curacao Grassland Cologne Park, where you can experience the atmosphere of the center of Flushing. If you want to visit Manhattan Island, you can take the 7 subway, bus or train station on Long Island Station. If you want to check in before 2:00 PM, please inform us in advance. The staff will check the room before check out to make sure the room is in good condition. VALUABLE OBJECTS Passengers carrying personal belongings should be kept by the guests themselves. Please keep your personal belongings, and if you have any damage, the hotel will not be responsible. The rooms are equipped with a variety of electrical and living facilities for guests free of charge please cherish, to avoid unnecessary damage, if damaged according to compensation.          POLICYJohn Hotel Please take a moment to read the following information: 1. Payment of all charges is secured at check-in. Payment may be made by cash, check, acceptable credit or debit card, or other management approved billing method. 2. Guests using cash must prepay All room and tax charges at time of check in. Additional Credit Card authorization of $50.00 is required in order to check into the JOHN HOTEL a valid Identification must also be present at check in, and a photocopy will be taken. 3. Guests paying by credit card acknowledge that their card will be pre-authorized for all room and tax charges. Additional authorization is taken to secure guest incidental charges. All unused authorization is released at the time of check-out. Please note that financial facilities determine how quickly unused authorization is actually released back to individual accounts. 4. Debit cards used as credit cards adhere to our policy for credit cards as listed above, Please note that pre-authorization of debit cards will place a "hold" on funds within the account associated with the card. It is recommended that debit/check cards be treated as cash. For your personal protection, we recommend that we charge your debit/check card at check-in or check-out for the exact amount of charges posted or to be posted to the guest account. If incidental charge  privileges are required, a separate pre-authorization (credit card or deposit) will be required. 5. Guests' whose room and tax charges are being paid by a third party must present an additional form of payment (pre-authorized credit card or cash deposit) if incidental charge privileges are required.         Please note that the JOHN HOTEL is a completely NON-SMOKING facility. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in a $250.00 plus tax charge. Please be advised this is NOT a one time fee. Fee is assessed as per investigation by Hotel Management.         I agree to the maximum occupancy policy: in a queen room maximum occupancy is 2 people, in a double beds room maximum occupancy is 4 people.        I agree to vacate the room by 12:00 Noon on the check-out date verified above.        I agree if I chose to depart the hotel prior to my original departure date I am required to pay an early check-out fee of $50.00 plus tax        I agree to be personally responsible for all charges incurred on my account. Any charges which are not settled in full at time of check-out will be placed on my credit card. I understand that a sales draft can be processed without my signature.        I hereby release the JOHN HOTEL from all liability if I choose to utilize any of the facilities on this property. The JOHN HOTEL  is not responsible loss or damage to any valuables not secured in a safety deposit box at the front desk. Additionally, JOHN HOTEL is privately owned and operated and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.        I have read and acknowledge the above information: 


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